Japan Missions Project, 2015


To build up the church both physically and spiritually. To build a stronger bond between River of Life and Munakata Bethel Christian Center. Several priority projects have been chosen, and listed as such toward the bottom of this page. The rest of this page consists of schedules and pertinent details regarding the time the team will be visiting. We are blessed and honored to have everyone come and sacrifice of themselves. Thank you and God bless the work of your hands!


Depart July 31, Return August 9[su_divider style=”dotted” size=”2″]



Saturday, August 1:
Pick up team at Fukuoka airport. Caravan to the church. Short prayer. Determine host homes, give everyone schedule of the week (this schedule with a few more details). Depending on the arrival time, a snack will be provided at the church (prepackaged sandwiches or easy to carry & eat food). Try to eat dinner on the plane if you can.
Sunday, August 2: 
Church service at 10:30. Special service to introduce the team, potluck lunch at the church afterward. Afternoon meeting to go over the week’s agenda.


Monday, August 3:
Work Day #1. Breakfast at host home, meet at church at 7:30 AM.
Split into teams: 1) Kitchen team 2) Genkan team. Begin construction. Lunch at the church. Dinner at yakiniku restaurant. Cost is approximately 1500 yen per person.


Tuesday, August 4:
Work Day #2. Breakfast at host home, meet at church at 7:30 AM.
Continue projects. Lunch at the church. Dinner at Sushiro conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. Menus are also in English. Cost is approximately 1000 yen per person.


Wednesday, August 5:
Work Day #3. Breakfast at host home, meet at church at 7:30 AM.
Continue projects, hopefully at this point nearing completion of main work, focusing on details. Lunch at the church, dinner at Roan Japanese Buffet. Cost is approx. 2500 yen per person.
Thursday, August 6:
Nagasaki field trip: 26 Martyrs Museum/Museum of Christian history in Japan, Peace Park, lunch, Atomic bomb museum and blast site memorial. Coffee shop visit, photo opportunities. End the day in Nagasaki with shopping at the Nagasaki train station (it’s like a mall in the train station).  McDonald’s breakfast for those who want it, otherwise eat at host home. Meet at church at 8 AM, return about 8 PM. Lunch and dinner combined may be a bit more expensive this day, probably closer to 4000 yen total.
Friday, August 7:
Work Day #4. Breakfast at host home, meet at church at 7:30 AM.
Wrap up projects, detail as much as possible. Lunch at church, dinner at Afrodite Pizza. Cost is approximately 1500 yen per person.
Saturday, August 8:
Work Day #5. Meet at the church at 7am to climb a mountain to pray for Munakata, have a brief Bible study. Plan to work at the church from 10AM, then pack up to return to America. Finalize all details, laundry, pack, prepare to leave. Lunch at the church, dinner at Budou no Ki (fine dining). Cost is approximately 2500 per person.
Sunday, August 9:
Depart for America. Details to come.


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Here are a list of tools we will/can provide. Please be specific in areas of need to accomplish drywalling, nailing, installing cabinets, counters, and shelves. The list below is just a laundry list of assumed items we will need.

Hammers/Nail guns
Drills/electric screwdrivers
Circular saw
Saw horses
Safety goggles (please bring your own)
Work gloves (please bring your own)

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Our proposed goal was to raise $10,000, which is where the real estimate comes closest to. $5000 may be way off mark, causing problems with how and what we can do. Materials in Japan are expensive, and there are few options. We will do all that we can to shave off anything unnecessary, but to just get the job done. $5000 may cut the project short, so we would really not want to do that if at all avoidable. Funds should be WIRED electronically via a bank transfer form, I will give you account details. Funds should be received about 3 weeks ahead of your arrival to make sure we can get everything. At least a big chunk would be good so we can get the order placed. We might be able to do COD on the delivery, which we would want at least a few days or a week before the team arrives. [su_divider style=”dotted” size=”2″]

PROJECTS LISTS (in order of priority):

Genkan & kitchen, main projects.

Outdoor shed erected for storage.

Sanctuary mini-walls.

Kids class wall with door.

Outdoor landscaping.[su_divider style=”dotted” size=”2″]


URYS: The Olsons home. There are three bedrooms plus downstairs areas which can be occupied.
TIM: Xavier home
…waiting for full list from Tim